OpenCo & Team Up to Share Lessons in Live Streaming

By October 17, 2013Industry News was proud to host OpenCo San Francisco, a mash-up of an open studio tour and a business conference–with the vibe of a music festival. Investors, marketers, job seekers, and curious neighbors got a chance to meet the leaders of the most innovative companies across the globe and in their natural habitat.

Our own CEO Blaise Zerega shared how the “Netflix for nerds” has evolved since the site launched in 2005, when “just getting video to play on the web was the killer app.” proves again and again to be the destination for smart, not-to-be-missed happenings all around the world.

“Like OpenCo, we value and foster an environment of open collaboration, communication and community as a company.”

Thank you to OpenCo and everybody who came to see what is all about.

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