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DropBox, Proofpoint Utilize Live Stream Services

San Francisco — today announced two new clients – technology pioneers DropBox and Proofpoint. As the power and reach of online video grows, the San Francisco-based video production company plans to help each client implement an effective strategy to make event planning and marketing a success.

DropBox, the popular file sharing site, hosted an internal sales team meeting with some of their remote offices. DropBox used’s live streaming talent and technology, including a plug-and-play embeddable player, to easily connect with each remote location and enable smarter, more reliable communication.

Proofpoint protects data for some of the world’s biggest businesses. When planning a meeting to share best-practices with its sales team, the company prioritized security and privacy. delivered a password-protected live stream, ensuring the discussion would only be accessible to the right viewers.

“We’re seeing online video serve as a key driver in event marketing efforts more and more every day,” CEO Bob Appel said. “We’re proud to work with DropBox and Proofpoint, innovators looking to unlock their event’s full potential.”

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