Gamification Summit NYC 2011

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Gilt Founder Dishes on How to Score Designer Discounts

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Gilt Group's founder and chief merchandising officer, dishes on the best strategies for scoring designer fashions on the popular daily deals website.

views: 1,158
Gamified Engagement: First Minutes Crucial to Success

Gabe Zichermann, chair of the Gamification Summit, argues that while developers in the past designed games to payoff within the first 60 minutes, games now need to deliver within the first 60 seconds. In order to be successful, explains Zichermann, companies like Zynga are spending disproportionate amounts of time designing the first few minutes of all their games.

views: 993
Schoolteacher Ananth Pai Gamifies His Classroom

Businessman-turned-schoolteacher Ananth Pai shows a video highlighting his gamified approach to teaching, as well as the success he's experienced with the method in his classroom.

views: 2,637
In the Flow: How to Keep Gamers Motivated

Michael Wu, principal scientist at Lithium Technologies, discusses the importance of "flow" in successful game design. He explains that in order to prevent the challenge from getting too stressful or too boring, it's important to match difficulty to player ability.

views: 1,195
Gabe Zichermann: Juggling Your Way to a Bigger Brain

Gabe Zichermann, author of Gamification by Design, shares an interesting scientific study that demonstrated how the challenge of mastering a game (in this case, juggling) leads to an increase of gray matter in the brain. The reason, says Zichermann, is because games are hard-wired to produce pleasure through the release of dopamine.

views: 1,415
The Secret to Successful Gamification? Throw in a Twist

Spigit general manager James Gardner explains that twists are the secret to creating positive user behavior within gamification campaigns. Twists, says Gardner, help unite groups of people to interact for a greater goal.

views: 1,019
Cracking the Code: Evolutionary Gameplay Motivations

Disruptor Beam's Jon Radoff rethinks the components that motivate human behavior and how they relate to satisfying gameplay. According to Radoff, a combination of immersion, cooperation, achievement, and competition create a rewarding game experience, one that has persisted since humankind's earliest games.

views: 1,349
Your Boy Peeing on the Seat? Gamify the Toilet

Kevin Richardson, senior producer at MTV Network's Nickelodeon Kids & Family Games Group, shows how "fun theories" can dramatically alter unpleasant behaviors with positive reinforcement trough simple games. Want to get your boy to stop peeing all over the seat? Gamify the toilet.

views: 2,262
A Doctor's Prescription for Halo? Video Games as Medicine

A panel of game designers and healthcare experts discuss the feasibility of having insurance companies cover video games as medical treatments.

views: 569
Pass It On! A Fun Way to Learn About Life Insurance

Connie O'Brien of AXA Equitable shows Pass It On!, a game her company designed to make learning about the benefits of life insurance more accessible to young families.

views: 781
The Dark Knight: A Case Study in Alternate Reality Gaming

42 Entertainment's Susan Bonds demonstrates how a promotional game for The Dark Knight became a real life multimedia gaming sensation.

views: 1,147
Game Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle with SuperBetter

Sean Baenan of Social Chocolate shows screen shots of Jane McGonigal's new game SuperBetter, which is still in closed beta. The objective of the game is to set and achieve health goals through an immersive game environment.

views: 1,017
Gamification: From Loyalty Programs to Brand Engagement

Geoff Lewis, co-founder & CEO of Topguest, explains how the cultural and technological landscapes are encouraging new marketing strategies based around brand engagement instead of brand loyalty.

views: 949
The Inherent Dangers of a Gamified Workplace

Next Jump founder Charlie Kim and DueProps founder Obie Fernandez discuss some of the possible negative consequences of a gamified workplace.

views: 1,028
Ribbon Hero: How Microsoft Made Office Fun

Sarah Faulkner, program manager with Microsoft's Office Labs, discusses the development process they went through to make Ribbon Hero, a game designed to make learning Microsoft Office fun.

views: 915
So You're the Mayor on Foursquare. Now What?

Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball, cautions against believing that game mechanics will engage users indefinitely. Using Foursquare as an example, he commends the service's gamified design for attracting new users, but sees no lasting value for those who earn badges and points.

views: 901
Kiip: Turning Virtual Rewards into Tangible Ones

Brian Wong, founder of the mobile rewards network Kiip, offers advice for turning virtual rewards into tangible rewards. Wong, who found inspiration in the airline upgrade model, advocates for serendipitous rewards. "You don't know when exactly you're going to get them, you just know you can," he says.

views: 990
Nt Etuk Makes the Case for a Gamified Classroom

Nt Etuk of DimensionU argues students would be motivated to perform better in the classroom if schools took a few cues from the gaming world. For starters, he says, make the classroom a more controlled, personalized space that fosters an environment where students are safe to fail.

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Conference Date

September 15 - 16, 2011

Jane McGonigal: Gamers Have Spent 5.93M Years Playing WoW

About this conference

The Gamification Summit brings together top thought leaders in game mechanics and engagement science. Hear what works and what doesn't in this dynamic and fast-moving field through case studies, keynotes and panels delivered by experts such as Gabe Zichermann (Game-Based Marketing), James Gardner (Spigit), Jon Radoff (Disruptor Beam), Michael Wu (Lithium) and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (founder of Gilt Groupe). Learn how game mechanics and the new science of engagement are rewriting the rules of brand marketing, product design and customer acquisition and get your business in the game.

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Gamification Co is the only transmedia company exclusively dedicated to Engagement Science, Gamification and Loyalty. The group publishes the Gamification Blog and related books, organizes the Gamification Summit, Workshops & smaller events, and provides consulting expertise to facilitate this burgeoning industry. Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems, and its power is radically reshaping industries from marketing to HR, education to health care, improving lives, solving great challenges and generating unprecedented growth. Gartner Group forecasts that Gamification will be used by 70% of the Global 2000 by 2015, spending over $2Bn on related products, services and technologies according to M2 Research. For more information on Gamification Co and how to leverage the power of game mechanics, visit http://Gamification.Co.

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