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How Much Does It Cost to Live Stream an Event?

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You want to use video to amplify your next event – great idea!
But you probably want to know: how much will this cost?

Let’s find the answer by talking about the when, where, whathow, and why of your event.

When is it? Fall (October and November) and Spring (March and April) are peak event seasons, so planning ahead will help cut costs and give you plenty of lead time to prepare. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the call!

Where will it be? In a conference room, a music hall, a stadium? This will affect logistical and technical expenses: sound, lighting, travel expenses, union fees, etc.

What else do you want in addition to the live stream? We encourage event organizers to think bigger – social video, sizzle reels, backstage interviews. It all come with a price tag, but it may be well worth it.

How many cameras do you want? Is it an all day event or a brief panel discussion? The bigger the team, the bigger the production, the higher the cost.

Why do you want to live stream your event? What are your goals?

It can be overwhelming to bring live streaming into your event strategy, but will help you every step of the way.

The better we understand your event
the more we can help you succeed.

Let’s talk!

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happy12-4463e692cb785471fded3637c0feced4-832.2x300-100-crop’s Top 10 Moments of 2015

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Happy holidays, everyone! We’re celebrating the New Year by looking back and sharing some of our most popular moments from 2015: exoplanets and brass bands, film festivals and great debates.

10. Cindy Gallop: Get Uncomfortable

At this year’s 3% Conference, an event celebrating creative female talent and leadership, entrepreneur and activist Cindy Gallop gave the closing keynote “Microactions, Accelerants, RESULTS” on the future of advertising.

9. Protecting World Wonders

Historian William Dalrymple gave a lecture entitled Heavenly Paradise and Earthly Reconciliation: The Creation of the Mughal Gardens at Agra at the World Monuments Fund, highlighting the mystery and power of the Taj Mahal.

8. Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

The Atlantic hosted New Orleans: Ten Years Later, a conference on resilience and struggle post-Hurricane Katrina. On a panel called “What Does New Orleans Now Know?” Bennie Pete, founder and bandleader of the Hot 8 Brass Band, shared some hard truths about inequality in the city.

7. What to Do About ISIS?

Intelligence Squared U.S. hosted Containment Is Not Enough: ISIS Must Be Defeated, a debate on terrorism and the Middle East. Foreign policy experts Anne-Marie Slaughter and Michele Flournoy disagreed over how best to dismantle new threats.

6. The Case for Hope

The Atlantic launched its first Race and Justice in America summit exploring mass incarceration, policing, and prison reform. Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile told National Book award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates that there was reason to be optimistic.

5. Fact, Fiction, and Medicine

Open Society Foundations and The British Medical Journal examined ethics, storytelling, and new cures at Medical Investigative Journalism: Staying on the Cutting Edge. Dr. Steven Woloshin from The Dartmouth Institute fact-checked the headlines and asked patients to be skeptical.

4. What is #MakeInIndia?

The Boeing Company and IIT Bombay hosted India’s Time to Fly, a premier summit on aerospace innovation. Boeing’s Chairman James McNerney looked at the the country’s “#MakeInIndia” campaign and laid out his predictions for the future of manufacturing.

3. Learning to Launch

At The Atlantic‘s City Makers Summit on all things innovative, Michael Seibel, partner at Y Combinator, explained that successful startups need to take risks and break rules.

2. Earth 2.0

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first discovery of exoplanets, the Carnegie Institution for Science hosted Hunting Planets with noted astronomers and astrophysicists. Could there be alien life out there in space? Scientists Alan Boss and Natalie Batalha explain what to look for.

1. The Birds and the Bees

The 58th San Francisco International Film Festival was a smash hit with red carpet interviews, on-stage Q&As, and more. Filmmaker and actress Isabella Rossellini talked about her new project “Green Porno”, an exploration of sex, biology, and love.


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