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Liz Glazier Gives Technology Industry Events An Edge

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Four companies have partnered with to help fulfill a variety of video production services for technology-centered events. These events include several CapXTalks hosted by Capital One, Salesforce Incubator Series hosted by Salesforce, Start @ A Startup Conference hosted by Business Today, and TechConneXt Summit 2016 hosted by Black Enterprise.

“It’s so exciting to be delivering multi-platform live streaming services to technology companies,” said Bob Appel. “They develop and promote the latest in tech, we deliver the events live to a global audience.”

Capital One hosts a series of discussions called CapXTalks and invites financial planners, entrepreneurs, bankers, and more to discuss all things finance. Capital One wanted these discussions to be available to the public and worked with to live stream a total of six CapXTalks. For several of these events,’s marketing team worked alongside Capital One to identify ways to build awareness and audience. By sending out dedicated newsletters and promoting the events via paid social campaigns before, during, and after each event, more than 7,000 viewers tuned in to CapXTalks.

Knowing the importance of startups and incubators in the tech world, Salesforce organizes seminars that provide insights on how small companies, especially cloud-based, can become customer and community-focused. records these sessions for Salesforce so the organization can use them as learning tools to share in the future. Knowing there is a highly active audience on social media interested in new technology and the startup world, Salesforce utilized’s Boost campaign to promote these engaging conversations on Twitter.

In partnership with Sequoia Capital, Business Today’s Start @ a Startup Conference connects the brightest college students with representatives from startups from across the country for a weekend of educational and recruiting events. recorded sessions at Start @ a Startup Conference so Business Today could share the content with those not able attend the conference. Wanting a way to make new audiences aware and excited about the event next year, worked with Business Today to create a sizzle reel that the organization could use for future promotional materials.

Over the course of two days, Black Enterprise welcomed leaders in the technology community to TechConneXt Summit 2016 and encouraged conversations that would propel the industry. There were a number of informational talks given by professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers that were live streamed using’s expert production team and Brightcove streaming technology. Students from universities across the country were invited to compete in the 2016 BE Smart Hackathon, which was also live streamed.’s marketing team followed along with the live conference to cut and promote the most exciting and informative highlights from the conference via’s Boost social media campaign.

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Five Organizations Turn to for Facebook and Brightcove Live Streaming

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San Francisco — announced today the addition of five new clients – New York Philharmonic, Orion Health, Constitutional Sources Project (ConSource), California Health Care Foundation, and National Association of Mutual Companies (NAMIC).

The New York Philharmonic is in its 175th year, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, the symphony held an Opening Gala Concert under the direction of Conductor Alan Gilbert. Wanting to give fans from all over the world the ability to view the concert and be a part of the exciting event, New York Philharmonic decided to stream the concert via Facebook Live. Knowing has expertise in Facebook Live streaming and the ability to insert real-time graphics, New York Philharmonic turned to the company to facilitate the program’s live stream. More than 75,000 viewers tuned into the dynamic performance in real time.

Orion Health, a global health care platform, held its quarterly company meeting to keep its stakeholders informed of company news and updates. With offices all over the world, Orion Health knew that live streaming the event would give all of its employees and investors the ability to engage with each other during the meeting. applied a password protected gate on a custom Brightcove live stream player to ensure only those invited to join the meeting would have access to the information being discussed on the stream. The organization also took advantage of chat technology to promote conversation and engagement from all viewers during the meeting.

With a goal of providing information about constitutional history, ConSource hosted its eighth annual Constitution Day celebration. With prestigious speakers such as Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals Judge Robert Katzmann and Pace University School of Law Professor Emily Gold Waldman, ConSource wanted to make the event available to the public and asked to film and live stream the event.

California Health Care Foundation held an Opioid Safety Coalitions Convening to discuss ways communities can take action to fight the epidemic of opioid addiction and how public health officials are approaching the crisis. Wanting to inspire a conversation within the health care community, CHCF made the conference accessible for remote audiences via’s live streaming technology. CHCF also took advantage of chat technology to allow viewers to converse and ask questions in real time.

Having worked with in 2015, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) turned to the video services company to facilitate its 121st Annual Convention. Over the two day conference, NAMIC employees and stakeholders were able to view the conference via live stream player that was facilitated by and hosted on NAMIC’s website.

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The Atlantic Engages To Live Stream 2016 Flagship Events

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San Francisco — Bay Area-based video production services company announced today it has been chosen to live stream three important events for AtlanticLIVE , the events branch of The Atlantic. These events include Washington Ideas Forum 2016, WHAT’S NEXT?, and CityLab 2016.

With the goal of bringing journalism to life, AtlanticLIVE presents multiple events each year to explore a wide variety of topics and ideas with innovators, political figures, and thought leaders. The company is choosing to live stream these events to ensure a wider audience can be involved in the conversations taking place on stage, regardless of where they are in the world.

From September 26 to 29, Washington Ideas Forum will host leaders in policy, business, technology, science, arts, and culture as they engage with top journalists about today’s most significant issues. Hosted in partnership with The Aspen Institute, each discussion will focus on the topics and ideas the next president and Congress need to understand.

WHAT’S NEXT? is held each year to reflect the culmination of invention and exploration. Some questions addressed during this event, which will take place on October 4 and 5, are how will new scientific understanding alter the nature of the universe and how will faster mobility impact the speed of life, to name a few. The event will be underwritten and presented with Boeing to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

CityLab 2016, held October 23 to 25, is dedicated to highlighting effective practices in urban governance. Hosted in partnership with The Aspen Institute and Bloomberg Philanthropies, the world’s most creative mayors and city practitioners will gather in Miami to converse about improving cities and analyzing urban strategies that work. will implement its Boost service during this event to share key moments from the event on Twitter and Facebook to increase awareness and engagement on social.

In addition to these events, will be facilitating the live stream for several other Atlantic events including Race + Justice: An Atlantic Summit on September 15 and Access to Power: Energy Equity in California on September 16.

For more information about these events, as well as others hosted by The Atlantic, visit

VentureBeat, Presence Learning, San Francisco Baking Institute Choose for Live Streaming

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San Francisco — Three organizations, VentureBeat, Presence Learning, and San Francisco Baking Institute, recently chose to manage and facilitate live streaming during their respective events.

VentureBeat, the leading news source for tech innovation, hosts a series of events during the summer including MobileBeat 2016 and GamesBeat 2016. live streamed MobileBeat 2016, a two-day event jammed packed with pioneers discussing innovative ways to implement AI into technology that consumers use every day. During the event, VentureBeat also utilized’s Boost service, where more than 20 highlights from various sessions were shared and promoted on Twitter and Facebook in real time. VentureBeat was able to quickly repurpose the social highlights by embedding them in several event recap blog posts.

With MobileBeat 2016 being a huge success all around, will partner with VentureBeat again to facilitate both live streaming and Boost during GamesBeat 2016. To learn more about the event or tune into the live stream, visit

Presence Learning is a platform that gives students with special needs access to online therapy sessions and training courses. The organization’s executives and staff held an all-hands meeting and wanted a way for all involved, regardless of their physical location, the ability to join the main location’s presentations and proceedings. Using’s expertise and GoToTraining technology, the meeting was an all-inclusive, interactive success.

To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, the San Francisco Baking Institute’s is hosting L’atelier du Pain Serie, or “The Bread Workshop Series.” Since the Baking Institute is charging a fee to access a live stream of the event, they wanted to ensure a seamless purchasing and viewing experience all around. With’s coupon code system, each participant who purchases a ticket to the stream will receive a unique code and have access to both the live stream as well as the content on demand. SFBI will also take advantage of’s Boost service and share highlights from the event on social media.

Four Organizations Enlist For Video Services

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July logosSan Francisco — announced today the addition of four new clients—Hydrocephalus Association, Cheap Chic Weddings, The Beat Museum, and Center for Effective Altruism.

Hydrocephalus Association’s mission is to promote a cure for hydrocephalus, also referred to as water on the brain, while improving lives of those affected by the condition. The organization recently hosted its 14th National Conference on Hydrocephalus and turned to to facilitate the live streaming of several important sessions featured at the conference. The Association also utilized’s Boost campaign to increase awareness of both the conference and the organization’s mission on social media.

Cheap Chic Weddings, a site dedicated to providing advice to people planning a wedding on a budget, recently held its annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin, the contest featured ten fashion designers who created wedding dresses made primarily out of toilet paper. Cheap Chic Weddings live streamed the contest using’s guidance and technology. also created a highlight reel of the event so the top moments could be seen together in a short, digestible video. With the help of Boost, highlights from the event helped inspire aconversation and buzz on social media.

Located in San Francisco, The Beat Museum is dedicated to spreading the spirit of the beat generation, a group of authors whose work influenced American culture in the 1950s. The Museum recently hosted, “ruth weiss,” an evening dedicated to the work of poet, performer, playwright and artist ruth weiss. Wanting to offer viewers the opportunity to watch ruth’s performance at their convenience on demand, The Beat Museum turned to to capture and post produce the event. The Beat Museum will also take advantage of’s Boost campaign to ensure ruth’s performance generates a conversation on social media.

Center for Effective Altruism will be hosting Effective Altruism Global 2016 this month and turned to to manage the event’s live stream. In addition, the organization has asked to produce a sizzle reel that will highlight the top moments from the event to use for future promotion. Center for Effective Altruism will also be implementing Boost to enhance the event’s presence on social media.

“Our partners are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about our Boost services,” said’s Client Relations and Marketing Manager Liz Glazier. “We know consumers turn to social media to engage with brands now more than ever. Promoting video content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels is a great way to get your desired message in front of your target audience.”




Twitter is getting better at online video – are you?

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Twitter aims to turn into more of a visual medium

Adding to its ever-expanding suite of offerings, Twitter unveiled earlier this week new capabilities for online video. The feature allows users to film, edit and share clips up to 30-seconds long, all within the Twitter app. Twitter’s Product Director Jinen Kamdar explained that this new feature came as a result of Twitter striving to be more of a visual platform, a shift many companies are taking.

If you’re sharing a video on behalf of your brand, here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your message is more engaging than your competitors’.

Cut to the chase
Twitter allows videos filmed within the app to be up to 30 seconds long. That may seem like a good amount of time, but getting your key messages packed into that time frame may end up being tricky. Be sure to identify who your target audience is first and think about the message you want them to take away from the video before you start filming. Take a deep breathe, then press record.

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes
When you’re done with the video, ask yourself “Would I watch the whole 30 seconds? Do I understand the message? Is there a clear action item?” Be sure that if you were to show this video to someone who knew nothing about your brand, they would understand the who, what, where, when and most importantly, the why.

Be relevant
Find out who is chatting about topics similar to what your video is about and join those conversations. Include appropriate hashtags and try to engage with influential users. This may take a bit of research, but the benefits are worth it. If you get the message just right, others will share and engage with your content, increasing the amount of exposure the video and your brand receives.

Twitter estimates that there are 284 million users active on the site every month. Having easy access to this massive online audience is a huge benefit brands need to be taking advantage of in this digital age. Don’t get lost in the feed.

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A Year in Review with

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As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that we have seen great change in social and political activism, technology, food trends and much more. Also seeing changes are the channels we use to share and absorb our information. We are now able to specify what we want to learn about, how we want to learn it and when we want to learn it.

With that being said, it’s clear that the power of online video is more important than ever.

2014 Online Video Stats at a Glance

  • YouTube receives more than 1 billion unique visitors each month (YouTube)
  • An estimated 40% of TV households now subscribe to at least one online video subscription (Nielsen)
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the content with the best ROI (eMarketer)
  • Mobile is growing and TV is slowing (Brightcove)

Social media has become a key source for video consumption with each platform constantly coming out with buzz-worthy features to compete with one another. For example, Facebook recently announced they would be taking YouTube head-on in a battle to essentially be the top destination for video by introducing Facebook Pages. The introduction of Facebook Pages came after Facebook enabled auto-play for videos, followed by showing auto-play video ads – moves indicating the shift to become an online video destination were not done by chance, but very strategically.

Another social media giant finding success with online video is Twitter. It became clear that Twitter understood the importance of online video when earlier this year, Twitter acquired Snappy TV, a platform allowing users to cut real-time highlights from live events and post them to Twitter. and its partners have benefited from Snappy TV, having been able to reach audiences that normally wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about online video. We have seen great success with our past and current partners and look forward to create new relationships in 2015.

Now, let’s look back at some of our most engaging videos of 2014

Cheers to 2015 from!

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How to Avoid Conference and Live Event Mishaps

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In honor of Halloween last week, we posted a blog discussing “horror stories” that can possibly happen before, during and after conferences and events. These included fire alarms going off, a speaker backing out at the last minute, attendees being bombarded with emails following the event and technical malfunctions during webinars. If reading the list made you cringe, be sure to read the following tips so you can avoid these mishaps yourself.

One way to avoid having a fire alarm or similar situations ruin your event is to think ahead in regards to how you will handle these types of interruptions. Have a game plan in the back of your mind before the event starts so if this were to happen, you can direct your attendees where to go and what to do. You are in control so when the crowd is looking to you for guidance, stay calm and communicate with them accordingly.

Back up speaker
When planning an event, it’s important to hire professional speakers who have good reputations and can be trusted to show up and deliver a great speech or presentation. However, it’s possible that your speaker will back out of the event for reasons out of anyone’s control – even theirs. One option is to offer the speaker the opportunity to present their message to the audience via live stream. Also, if possible, try planning on having an equally knowledgeable professional on standby.

Make surveys optional
Regardless of the sender, no one appreciates receiving unnecessary duplicate emails.  If you’re going to ask attendees to fill out a suggestion card (a totally acceptable practice) make it optional and be sure your outreach is strategic. A good idea is to give them access to this suggestion form while at the conference, then simply email them once after the fact reminding them to fill it out if they are interested. If they want to provide feedback, they will.

Be friends with the “mute” button
If you’re hosting a webinar, be prepared to hit the mute button at any time. You never know when someone will be yelling at their dog or experiencing unwanted noise or static that would interrupt the guests’ listening experience. The goal is to have the attendees share the key messages from your presentation to their colleagues, not a funny story about someone yelling or coughing uncontrollably in the background.

Comment with suggestions of your own, reach out to us at or follow us on Twitter.


Conference and Live Event Horror Stories: Halloween Edition

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Before the day of a conference, organizers spend countless hours planning and preparing every last detail in hopes the event will go off without a hitch. Sadly, there are some factors out of anyone’s control, like unexpected interruptions and headaches. In honor of Halloween, we’ll share some of the “horror stories” that commonly happen in the conference and event industry.

Sound the alarm!
You’ve picked the venue and figured out the logistics. You have a great keynotes lined up and you’re feeling confident. The attendees are seated, the speaker is getting ready to deliver his or her speech, and the cameras are ready to roll. Then, the fire alarm goes off! Likely–hopefully!–it’s just a test and not a real emergency, but it’s still shocking. Unexpected noise pollution–from police sirens on the street  to a hot mic off-stage–can be a buzzkill.  (Source: Modern Media)

Thank you for coming to see…no one
Something’s just come up! A reoccurring nightmare for organizers is having a speaker or panelist back out at the last minute. For whatever reason the speaker turns into a no-show—flight delay, miscommunication, sick grandma–it could turn an event upside down.  (Source: Attendly)

The haunted inbox
It’s standard for organizers to send out follow-up  emails after an event asking attendees what they liked or didn’t like and giving responders the opportunity to share what they would have done differently. However, if organizers ask not once, not twice, but four or more times, it can turn from meaningful outreach into annoying spam. (Source: Event Manager Blog)

Who let the dogs out?
If you happen to be hosting a webinar, a common mishap is technical malfunctions. However, there can be other, more outrageous, setbacks. If you’re listening in the online audience, it’s best to make sure you’re microphone is on mute–just in case! It could end up another case of noise nuisance: In one case, a webinar was interrupted by a dog barking and the “colorful” yelling of the dog owner. (Source: Marketing Profs)

Next week, we’ll share tips on how you can avoid these mishaps and frustrations.

Happy Halloween!

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