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Video Everywhere: Online Video and Digital Marketing

By | Blog Post, Industry News

No matter who you are or what you do, there’s no argument: media (REALLY) matters, especially online video. So much, in fact, that a growing chorus of media experts say we are witnessing a significant turning point in history–a “revolution” even, to use Dachis Group Chairman and CEO Jeff Dachis’ bold words: “The single largest shift in communication history”–wherein our lives are so pervasively saturated with media that we can no longer think of media as external or separate from ourselves. We are always-already mediated. In today’s “media life,” we live in media rather than with it.

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Profits Rise for Conferences and Events (From NYT)

By | Blog Post, Industry News

Profits for conferences and events are on the rise, and many media companies are now getting into the often lucrative events business according to an article in today’s New York Times. Evidence for the popularity of media company produced events: the New York Times is producing 16 events this year, up from one event in 2011; Huffington Post will produce three new events next year; Cosmopolitan two events; Atlantic Media some 200 events a year.

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Join for OpenCo SF!

By | Industry News

We are thrilled to announce that has been selected as a HostCo for next week’s OpenCo San Francisco event. We will be opening our doors to the business community on October 11th at 12 pm PT for a presentation by our CEO Blaise Zerega.

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Leveraging "Nichefication" with your Video Platform

By | Blog Post, Industry News

You may have heard the term before: “Nichefication.” In his talk “On the Future of TV: Niche is the New Mass” sponsored by partner The Paley Center for Media, Evan Shapiro, President of Participant Television (a division of Participant Media) explains that for producers of video content, “Nichefication” means “the ability to cater content to the audiences you want to reach and being able to build a rich business model around it.”

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