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Increase revenue with video sponsorship

New Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsors make events possible, and it’s increasingly important to exceed their expectations and maximize the value of their investment in measurable ways. In 2015, sponsors are demanding more than traditional placements at events and one way to meet these demands is by incorporating online video into your sponsorship benefits package. How? Allow us to explain… Read More Produces NYU Stern Launch Again

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For the fourth year in a row,’s production team, lead by Bob Appel, produced the NYU Stern Launch. Each year NYU welcomes hundreds of incoming full-time MBA students with a orientation that covers workshops, seminars and lectures from leading speakers. The orientation also includes extracurricular activities such as a ferry ride to Ellis Island, as well as, a formal gala dinner.

Read More Partners Break New Ground with Fall Events

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Every year in late August, the world of conferences and public events takes a long nap as summer fades into Labor Day and people flee the heat. When it begins anew, it happens with a bang: The fall political season rolls into action, universities launch a new academic year, and businesses begin hunting for new learning and efficiency. And as this happens, is called upon to provide a full spectrum of video production, live streaming, and distribution services.

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The Iliad Was the Original TED Talk

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Epic long form storytelling in the ancient Hellenic world bears no superficial resemblance to the hyper-polished short form of the 21st century – but they are connected by a long thread in human experience. The conviction that Homeric myth and history held “ideas worth spreading”, drove Mediterranean cultures to preserve them and pass them on through oral tradition. In doing so, they both defined their world and established a framework for exploring it.

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Five Reasons Every Issue Deserves an Oxford-Style Debate

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The decline of informed, civil disagreement on public issues, policies, and ideas is well-documented. In media, the explosion of news sources now makes it possible for information consumers to design and build their own hermetic echo chamber where they can exist for long periods without encountering intelligent disagreement. Or take government, where congressional districts are engineered into safe zones and increasingly extreme incumbents speak only to increasingly narrow segments of their voter bases.

Read More Makes Online Video Services Easier

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Excited but overwhelmed by online video? You’re not alone. As the importance of providing online video of your event grows (and it’s growing!), so does its complexity. We understand the stress associated with organizing an event, selling tickets and pleasing sponsors. With all the opportunities online video provides, so many options to weigh and factors to consider, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees.

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This Week in Conversations Changing the World: Plays Host to the Affordable Care Act Debates

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The badly fumbled implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been America’s most heated political topic for months. ACA critics have sustained an uproar over ad hoc modifications to the law and its uneven impact. Meanwhile, most of its supporters concede that the technical and public relations side of the rollout has been a nearly unmitigated debacle.

Read More Moment: Two great events. Couldn’t attend either. Saw both.

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Holiday season in NYC means an endless parade of festive parties that test the celebratory endurance of even the most social souls. Too often one gathering is indistinguishable from the next and most blend together into a infinite fog. But in late November I attended a party that had a more unique purpose — a toast to the career and new position of one of New York City’s true technology innovators, Sree Sreenivasan, the just named the Chief Digital Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and previously in a similar role with Columbia University).

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