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By September 13, 2013Speakers

Last month, announced our first ever list of Top Keynote Speakers. We scoured our library of over 15,000 videos from debates, summits, and think tanks around the world, and chose those who boldly explore big ideas and wow us with intelligence.’s Top 10 Keynote Speakers Series:
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Hillary Rodham ClintonJane McGonigal
Tim FerrisGavin Newsom
Atul GawandeAdam Savage
Malcolm GladwellSebastian Thrun
Paul KrugmanSimon Winchester

We asked you who your favorite mind blowing, showstopping personalities were. The votes have been counted, and we’re proud to announce the top three keynote speakers, as voted by our viewers:

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Thanks to everyone who voted! You can see the top 10 rundown below. Also, check out an exclusive video infographic featuring keynote king Adam Savage with his advice on how to work hard and work smart.

Poll: Who are the top three keynote speakers on

1. Adam Savage (50 Votes)
2. Malcolm Gladwell (39 Votes)
3. Jane McGonigal (31 Votes)
4. Tim Ferris (24 Votes)
5. Hillary Rodham Clinton (22 Votes)
6. Sebastian Thrun (14 Votes)
7. Simon Winchester (11 Votes)
8. Paul Krugman (8 Votes)
9. Atul Gawande (8 Votes)
10. Gavin Newsom (4 Votes)

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