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Monitor Breakfast: Stan Greenberg

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Dr Pellikka Avatar
Dr Pellikka
Posted: 12.28.11, 07:03 PM
Mr. Greenberg is making some very important points, but he is simply a terrible speaker, with his hands flailing around like he's chasing hordes of mosquitoes away and his voice/diction sounding like he is trying to talk while swallowing a peanut butter sandwich whole. That aside, his basic points are mostly right on the money. It will be the Independents [be they truly so or at least claiming to be so while they really are just "leaners"] who will decide the presidential election of 2012, just as they did that of 2008, as well as many of the Congressional races. And the GOP just "doesn't get it." They run to all these creepy social conservative bum-of-the-month club candidates, while branding anyone who is dealing with the issues that matter to most Americans as RINOs. The GOP seems to have decided to become the party of religious extremism [to answer the question put forth several years ago by Andrew Sullivan], and with that decision to embrace all the nastiness, pettiness, meanness, and preternatural stupidity of the likes of Palin, Perry, Bachmann, Trump, and Cain, as glorified by the likes of Coulter & all of Fox News. [I would throw in Gingrich for the first three traits, but as bad as he is, I would not call him stupid overall.] Mr. Greenberg is right that a third party candidate, who is intelligent, humane, and traditionally conservative [i.e., a true fiscal conservative] could be a powerful candidate--but in the end would probably benefit Obama.
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