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Richard Dreyfuss: Improving Civic Education

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Robert Laval Avatar
Robert Laval
Posted: 12.19.10, 02:58 PM
You are dead on with your comment. I managed to listen for 15 min. It is easy to see why he plays parts such as the worm Duddy Kravitz and not Father LaForgue.
Jann Avatar
Posted: 08.10.10, 01:58 AM
Mr. Dreyfuss is like the Guy in the Diner, he seems to have a simple answer to everything.
3rik Avatar
Posted: 08.07.10, 11:08 AM
12:38 "The proof is in the pudding" That's such a funny adaptation of the original expression "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting" because it no longer makes any sense.. The proof is IN the pudding? What? Like "it's hard to get at the proof because it's enveloped in pudding? A short version should be "The proof of the pudding..", like the abbreviated "When in Rome..". I enjoyed the talk very much though.
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 08.05.10, 02:39 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by bowbow You obviously do not understand that the United States is ...... heard on CNN... Go educate yourself. We have actually have a democratical republic w/ a representative democracy along with a constitution which is our incorporating contract for the republic. In fact, many of the framers were wary of the 'excesses of democracies' especially the direct kind. They were a patrician class which narrowly missed creating a limited monarchy and an electorate restricted to property owning males. No matter. That was then. This is now. Times change and with them the fundamental needs of the governed. I believe, mostly because of global population growth, we now need to reconsider a hybrid of socialism and capitalism. Some sectors of the economic marketplace need to be withdrawn from competition and 'for profit' operation and relegated to the public arena only. Healthcare for one. Energy for another. I also advocate the wholesale detention in reindoctrination centers of all Republican party operatives starting with Limbaugh, Hannity, Kyl, Gingrich, Roger Ailes et al. These anti-American, flatulent greedbags should be locked away in 'political re-education camps' until they've got their 'thinking straightened out'. All conservative women over breeding age are exempted. I want to be appointed Chief Commandant of Social and Political Detention Camps. I hope I can count on your support.
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 08.02.10, 09:25 AM
It never ceases to amaze me. Good actors are able to project award winning, brilliant personalities from a script, but always fail to impress from the podium of politics and ideas. Jeez! Sure they have terrific presence and effective delivery (but that's their job) but like Richard Dreyfuss, they would have to work harder on research to get a "B" on any term paper in my class. His hour long speech, delivered in an agonizingly measured cadence, was rife with lengthy metaphors and elitist sarcasm lost in cranky philosophical meanderings. He reminded me of an opinionated old uncle spouting off at Thanksgiving dinner about radical politics.
KoreyAusTex Avatar
Posted: 08.01.10, 03:57 PM
Oh and also the little comment about the mess we are in now, ignorant democrat, the financial de-regulation or repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act was signed into law by President Clinton had nothing to do with Bush even thought that piece of trash did enough damage while in office. So my friend the democrats and republicans are both responsible for the mess we are in as the Steagall-Glass act was replaced by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and those co-sponsors were all republican, Robert Rubin resigned as treasury secretary to President Clinton after advising Clinton to not regulate derivatives which is the tool that got the US into the financial meltdown in the first place, then Rubin took a job as the 12th Chairman of Citigroup which he lobbied for to repeal Glass-Steagall. It is really funny how both parties always try to revise history and place blame on each other, they seem to be acting as gatekeepers for one another all the while these scandals get swept under the rug. I am not Republican or Democrat or a demipublican or Republocrat but I can say both parties are management team a and b working for the same company so don't think people like Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel or Barney Frank are for the common man because they are there to further there own interests just like everyone else, not until we outlaw corporate lobbyists and corporate lobbying all together will anything, whether in education or in the economy, will change!
KoreyAusTex Avatar
Posted: 08.01.10, 03:26 PM
You sound like a fool, the United States is a Republic, hence the term Republician form of government, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican party. About the Medicare, and the other social welfare programs you included, that is socialism plain and simple. When you enter into grown-up conversations understand the subject matter you are debating because it ends up wasting the time and effort of people involved when they have to try to educate you on the fly.
bowbow Avatar
Posted: 08.01.10, 02:02 PM
You obviously do not understand that the United States is a Republic.... He doesn't mean Republican Democracy as in the actual party of republicans but is referring to the establishment our forefathers deemed our country. That would be a Republic. You probably recognize this out of the Pledge of Allegiance, "and to the republic for which it stands." What I dislike more than a republican is an ignorant democrat, because you make the rest of us look stupid. You should probably retake any political science class from 4th grade up because you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You just spew crap back that you originally heard on CNN... Go educate yourself.
Andrew Neave Avatar
Andrew Neave
Posted: 08.01.10, 01:43 PM
Republican Democracy ????? I follow Democratic Democracy ,, you know Medicaid ,Medicare ,, Unemployment Benefit, Social Security, the right to vote,, and so on,, and so do the Working class person in a America,,,, What have in the last 50 years, have the Republican or the GOP ever done for the common man ever,,,,all they can say is NO!!!!!, and turned a blind eye to Wall street and the Deficit over 8 years when Bush was in Power causing a lot of the mess where in now,,,, I say again Republican Democracy ????? you must be joking It may take 10 years,,, but we will have a one party state ie the Democrats,,, by that i mean everyone will suss the Republicans out and they wont get more than 20% of any Vote come Election time or any time. Perhaps there might be a splinter Party that will Form,,, after all it will be a good thing to have Multiple Party's..
bremont Avatar
Posted: 07.30.10, 05:37 PM
silicon valley is a mirror, a mirror that humans have created because what they call a mirror now is an illusion. once humans at last see themselves on that mirror (technology) they will find themselves. later they will realize that the mirror shows an image that is in fact themselves. they will trow away the old mirror and evolve further on beauty.. Richard love to show you my work i am a painter .. how about it..

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