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Craig Nathanson: Finding the Right Work

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Kimberly Slaikeu Avatar
Kimberly Slaikeu
Posted: 09.16.10, 10:33 AM
Thank you for making the decision to serve our country. I am excited that you are aspiring to the life that you've dreamed of! Many blessings on your journey...
Posted: 08.07.10, 11:26 PM
My name is ALexander Dontje im 22 Im an Iraq war vet an allready have an ex wife, I grew up in the court system an joined the Army as a way out of my troubled youth an a vehicle to my future man hood. Turns out i hate the army im a good soldeir among any standard an often out preform my peers. Every day i would wake hateing my life fealing out of touch with my self. Any way I made a drastic change and in the next few months Im going to be Free for the first time in my natural Life. I just want to say thank you for showing me where my real place of "Duty" is and giveing me the insperation to live the life ive always dreamed of.