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Solve Kashmir First: Rethinking South Asia’s Longest War

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Previous FORAtv comments:
bharat14 Avatar
Posted: 10.20.10, 10:09 AM
ALL the points???? lets see now, what about the Pundits? What aboiut PoK? What about the part of PoK sold to China? What about massacred millions? .......Sorry JIA* you need to learn before opening your mouth like basharat.
Anarchist Avatar
Posted: 09.26.10, 07:32 AM
Kashmir is for the Kashmiris, push back your prejudices and dont try to push the akhand bharat or the muslim umma agendas, the Kashmiris will prevail because they are willing to pay the price with their blood. The risk is, if they pay the price with their blood and do reach their goal, which today seems within reach, what will be the outcome for the India and Pakistan, how will they live down their de-legitimacy. How do you justify an India that used state terrorism under the grab of democracy and what is the future of such a state, which is further weakened by the unchallenged state sponsored communalism against christians, muslims, tribals etc. Pakistan is ever worse, a hostage to a frankenstien out of control. Instead of working towards the United States of India, a powerhouse that can hold its own in the coming geopolitical scenario, India and Pakistan are in the mood to cut off the nose to spite the face, Grow up, before your sons are shipped off to China to work in their factories. Radical times call for radical solutions, move before you become Irrelevant. Anarchist
troodost Avatar
Posted: 08.27.10, 04:24 PM
How can you take such a panel serious when one of them - Basharat Peer - in a serious debate comment childisly eg 'half a million Indian soldiers on the streets' . Really ? This is absolutely a joke debate. Bring on serious people who understand Kashmir problem deep down & not novices as these three. Their only qualification on panel is either they have been studying Kashmir politics for few year or have written 3rd rate fictions in the last few years. Better qualification are needed to debate a serious problem created by the Islamists & Pakistan. Why no mention of half million or so Hindu pandits who have been made refugees in their own countries. This is an Islamist problem now and not a political problem anymore.
iching Avatar
Posted: 08.23.10, 05:40 AM
Kahmir is the home to one of the holiest shrine in Hinduism. The panel, especially Mridu Rai and Basharat Peer, appears to ignore the fact that Islamic fundamentalism has a role to play in recent years where the radical Muslims have gone round to kill non-Muslims in Kashmir This is documented in this website, by Prof M.L. Koul, "As an indoctrinated breed churned out from the Muslim seminaries of hate, fanaticism and religious bigotry the Muslim terrorists launched an all-out religious crusade against the non-Muslim ethnic groups directed to the end product of establishing an Islamic state placed on the foot stool of Shariat (Islamic Law) which reduces the ethnic and religious minorities to the exiles of a gulag deprived of human rights and human dignity."
Woriedman Avatar
Posted: 07.31.10, 08:49 PM
Its very easy to blame outsiders for any problem. But in reality, its the local condition that invites others to fish in the troubled water. Kashmiris dont like Pakistan and/or Pakistan. Why they should not have the chance to decide their fate?
goodsammy Avatar
Posted: 07.18.10, 09:56 AM
Protesters between 9 to 17 years of age?! wow! Talk about brainwashing.
NPegasus Avatar
Posted: 07.15.10, 06:21 PM
I disagree.
NPegasus Avatar
Posted: 07.15.10, 06:19 PM
Poorly done, FORA TV. Watching this panel is like watching any panel on either MSNBC or FOX – presenting only one view of its choosing and ignoring the other. Kashmir is not the problem but the symptom of a larger malaise. The Kashmir region is not limited to the valley. It is made up of the Kashmir valley, Ladakh, Jammu, Gilgit and Baltistan. Has the star panel cared to voice views of the majority of the people in that region who vehemently disagree with that of the panel? No! Sorry, Basharat Peer does not represent the mosaic of views of the people in that region.
bharat14 Avatar
Posted: 07.14.10, 02:18 PM
it has been well established now that the kashmir issue is a red herring. The ISI/ARMY have demands for other muslim majority indian states. appeasing is feeding a crocodile and hoping it would eat you last. One other point: well over a million hindu kashmiris were massacred and displaced by these jihadis, how can you resolve this without them? oh and the azad kashmir that has been sold/given to china by pakistan? no mention of that either? if you want a plebescite then bring kashmir back to that period when election was considered as an option.
JIA8 Avatar
Posted: 07.14.10, 12:06 AM
Sorry, M Kaul ... I disagree with you ... I think it was an excellent program, bringing in all points of view to fore of a politically very difficult and complex problem ...

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