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Don Lattin: The Harvard Psychedelic Club

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Posted: 01.20.10, 05:34 PM
I'm 27 and in high school I used alot of acid my junior year after i read a book on LSD. I knew that what i was taking was light years away in terms of purity and potency compared to the cid in the 60's. But i took it every weekend for a year(probably over 100 hits my junior year alone) and i honestly don't regret it. And i wish i could have been lucky enough to have the experiences and conscious lift that the fortunate ( yes, the dark side is always a reality of this whole movement and i question the true validity of Lsd as substitute for good old fashion meditation, study, and just plain old humble sober living) users with usually high IQ's to begin with got to include in their lives.

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