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Uncommon Knowledge: John Yoo

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balthazarF Avatar
Posted: 03.12.10, 05:14 AM
Buy his book, buy his rationalizations.
balthazarF Avatar
Posted: 03.12.10, 05:11 AM
@Ogbunwezeh, "What would be left of the human race, if we are to follow Machiavellian ethos to its logical conclusion?" Gandhi has answered your question, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind . Clearly Mr. Yoo has no trust for his profession to act constitutionally. Perhaps the Ninth Circuit's 3 judge panel opinion re: "under God" is evidence he is correct. The founding fathers, contrary to the Ninth Circuit's opinion on the Baptist's God being inserted by Congress into a pledge which the corporate "person" never recites, wrote, "Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." Will the State be required to produce this God to refute the defense, "God made me do it"? One must always be a bit deferential to those union (the Bar) members, they hang out with lawyers, judges and criminals. After all, they also are licensed by themselves to steal. It's a very low Bar, ya know.
Ogbunwezeh Avatar
Posted: 03.01.10, 02:24 AM
Mr. John Yoo is a cold blooded Machiavellian. For him, the end justifies the means. What would be left of the human race, if we are to follow Machiavellian ethos to its logical conclusion? The answer is scary. I will give some historical examples of what would happen. We would elevate the dropping of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the ontological level. Iran would be obliterated. Osama bin Laden would be canonized a saint. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair instead of being docked like their kindred spirits, namely the Nazi war Criminals of Nuremberg for their war crimes; would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize like another of their kindred spirit; Kissinger was, in a monumental affront to the victims of their atrocities. Mr. Yoo’s circumlocutions here are symptomatic of an idea with a rotten core so indefensible that one has to invent euphemisms to sugar-coat the sepulchral rottenness of this senile advocacy of torture. What were American official and mainstream reactions, when the claims made the rounds that the Vietnamese were torturing downed American pilots, during the Vietnam War? There were outrage and invocation of the Geneva Convention on all fronts. I believe in the principle: “let the cook be the first to taste his own pudding”. Let John Yoo be the first to taste water-boarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques. After that, let’s see if his psyche would be whole enough to advocate such inhumanity that is not fit for cattle, for his fellow men, no matter the ruse he contrives as justifications.
agathon Avatar
Posted: 02.23.10, 06:18 AM
And Mr.Yoo you are believing that you are the most democratic and free country in the world. This kind of guys makes the world more scarry.
Jake F Avatar
Jake F
Posted: 02.04.10, 06:42 PM
Yoo sure loves harping on about Lincoln, but freeing the slaves wasnt right just because Lincoln did it and comparing freeing slaves to justifying torture is downright repugnant.
Keith Avatar
Posted: 02.03.10, 04:52 AM
It is my hope that my comments are not dismissed as hyperbole, but Mr. Yoo is a monster. Well educated, conservative in appearance seemingly logical, he has many of the qualities we expect in the leaders we choose. Then he states that it is legitimate for the US government when under some unknown threat to draw from the toolbox of Pinochet, Stalin, and the Inquisition. This kind of thinking considers the tenants of the enlightenment to be polite nicety (like allowing children to believe in Santa). Mr. Yoo and his cynical brethren have no faith in our democracy or system of laws. If we allow them to have their way we will have no legitimate claim to societal superiority and in fact be no better than the so called "barbarians" we struggle against in Iraq and Afghanistan.
sklim8833 Avatar
Posted: 01.30.10, 12:23 AM
I agree wholeheartedly!!! Using euphemisms such as "enhanced interrogation" doesn't hide the fact that it is torture. Even the most barbaric governments never admit to using torture, they all use "enhanced interrogation" or some other euphemism. The use of "enhanced interrogation" puts the United States on the same level as those countries that also use torture.
surik Avatar
Posted: 01.28.10, 01:31 PM
ludicrous explanation ... I propose that any supporter of torture methods of "enhanced" interrogation should be tortured to have a taste of it.
sklim8833 Avatar
Posted: 01.28.10, 02:27 AM
Mr. Yoo's very tempting logic goes down the slippery slope of trust the government to do the "right thing". This type of logic has led to the internment of the Japanese immigrants during WWI and other abuses of power. Unless the government is constrained by the rule of law, innocent citizens can easily be abused. Mr. Yoo is destroying the very ideals that US represents and uses the same logic that dictators and totalitarian governments have used to control their citizens.

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