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Julio Frenk: Health Reform in an Era of Pandemics

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Commonwealth Club of California

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ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 11.13.09, 09:22 PM
Are you truly that naive? You honestly think cross state purchasing and malpractice reform is the answer to the American Health Care troubles? LOL! Stop allowing FOX News and Talk Radio think for you...I am sure you are a bright person but your comments are very very naive!!!
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 11.13.09, 09:20 PM
Lindal is just under the fantasy of FOX News and Talk Radio that all that need be done is allow cross state insurance and malpractice reform. Plus, I would like to know what huge social program she is referring to? If there is no public option then the insurance companies will simply begin raising premiums once they have everyone on board. REGARDLESS IF THERE WAS CROSS STATE PURCHASING...Some folks are simply naive!! I would be Ok with a Public Option, or even a Public Option trigger so if the Insurance Companies try play games then they lose and the Public Option kicks in. Seriously, these right wing folks are the same folks who scream and cry America is Christian Nation yet everything they do is Anti-Christian, PERIOD! Would Jesus profit off health care? Would Jesus defend 400-1 CEO pay over middle class workers? If Jesus came back today FOX News & the GOP would calling him a Socialist Nazi who would make America less safe! Seriously, they would! Folks need to read their Bibles!! Obama has already said that he would not sign a bill that was not deficit neutral...If he does sign a bill that adds to deficit he is done, period. However, if he signs a bill that does what he has outlined then he could win re-election and that is all the right is worried about. The Republicans could careless about the welfare of Americans all they want is Obama out of the White House. The Republicans are intellectually bankrupt and all they have is FEAR & HATE! I
bstevens Avatar
Posted: 10.12.09, 09:26 PM
TO"FRANCIS TANSECO": How could Swine Flu be both man made AND a hoax? If there is indeed "loads of evidence out there" to support either one of these rather contradictory claims I love to review it. The truth is that this virus has been around in human populations for decades if not centuries...H1N1 is just the most recent know incarnation. Before offering up your "humble opinion" in the future, at least think it through a little before humbling your dignity with something that makes no sense on any level.
adambl Avatar
Posted: 10.08.09, 06:27 PM
Lindal: what do you say to the 50,000 people who die every year because they don't have insurance? Your family may've been able to do it, but these people weren't. And the idea that it would be the largest social program in history is somewhat irrelevant, as almost every other industrialized country in the world somehow manages to do it. I'm also not exactly sure what you mean by saying the Constitution doesn't allow for the redistribution of wealth: that's what taxes are. I'm not sure if public option is the right answer, but clearly something needs to happen to guarantee coverage for everyone. And Francis, you are so so very wrong. Swine flu was around over 90 years ago. So yeah.
Francis Tanseco Avatar
Francis Tanseco
Posted: 10.08.09, 04:16 PM
In my humble opinion, there are loads of evidence out there that this Swine flu is man made and that it is also a hoax.
LindaI Avatar
Posted: 10.08.09, 07:23 AM
ALL US citizens, both legal and illegal, have access to excellent health care. There are no charge, no questions asked, health clinics in nearly every city. There is Medicaid for those under the poverty level. There are many types of health insurance plans, from catastrophic only with high deductibles to low deductible "cadillac" plans. Lower insurance rates would be achieved by allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines. Also, physicians require lowered malpractice insurance premiums. This could be achieved by requiring the loser in a malpractice case to pay for both sides attorneys and court costs, giving pause to frivilous claims. Malpractice awards chould be capped. The real poverty level must be re-configured, allowing for basic home ownership, while still giving access to the Medicaid program. The Medicaid program could be better funded. These would give access to Medicaid for many currently not covered. Medicare Program participants could be "means" tested. The Medicare Program, in time, repealed in favor of lifetime insurance policies. The US Constitution does not allow for redistribution of wealth. Yet, it does allow for keeping commerce "regular." "Regulating commerce" was specifically intended to prevent state's governments from stopping competition across state lines. Clearly, the US Government has not proven its ability to properly manage any of its social programs. Our Oligarchy have done a poor job managing their created Nanny State. Indeed, Medicare/Medicaid programs, while highly successful in patient care, are insolvent. Historically, there is unsufficient fiscal oversight in these programs. Corruption is also a significant factor in the US. My husband and I raised 3 children on a lower middle class income. It was not easy or inexpensive paying for our children's regular doctor visits and paying catastrophic insurance premiums. Yet, we achieved it. Healthcare reform is a complex issue. The US system is not working well. Yet, I trust the individual's abilities in a competitive health insurance market over our Federal Government's ability to manage what would be the single largest, and most expensive social program in history.

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