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Sylvia Earle on the Oceans

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Richard Guy Avatar
Richard Guy
Posted: 07.28.10, 06:43 AM
I listened to your talk David and I also listened to Sylvia Earle's talk on the Oceans. I am so impressed with what you both have to say and the perspectives you bring to public awareness. I really learned a lot from both lectures. What I really want to bring to public awareness is the obvious matter of "Receding Seas". Although you have studied the sea and oceans for a lifetime you have not observed that sea levels are receding. This statement is not meant to be controversial: it's factual. I would like the opportunity to give a talk on Receding Seas to FORA. I would like to be able to make my contribution on this most important scientific anomaly: "Receding Seas". It is perhaps the most important disclosure of this Millinneum.; Richard Guy email: . Tel: 347-275-5616RICHARD WATSON GUY 3849 Amundson Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10466 (H):347-275-5616 ;( Cell):646-359-9809 Email: Web Page: (See Books and Videos) __________________________________________________ _________ Richard Guy; Speaker/ Lecturer/ Author/ Structural Engineer. PROFILE: Richard Guy is a Structural Engineer with related experience in many responsibilities and locations in the Old and New Worlds. His observations regarding sea levels have attracted interest from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. His theories explaining earth and marine phenomena, their causes and consequences are startling in their perception and originality. BOOKS: Richard Guy has created a trilogy of books producing new concepts in Earth Sciences. His first book “Is Planet Earth Expanding?" presents his hypothesis. His second Book “The Mysterious Receding Seas” deals with the seeming dichotomy of the Earth's distension and marine movements. His third book “The Ascent of Man: Downhill all the Way” identifies the earth's anomalies as assisting engines of geological modeling and civilizations from ancient times to the present. BOOK REVIEWS: "The work is thoroughly researched. It contributes significantly to the current stock of knowledge in the areas of Structural Engineering, Earth Sciences, navigation of the High Seas, and a plethora of technical areas". Dr Joseph S. Maresca, CPA, New York “An interesting and intriguing read, "The Mysterious Receding Seas" is a top pick for any Environmental Studies collection with a focus on History. This book should be in the school curriculum: Midwest Book Review EDUCATION London University, London, U. K., Degree, Structural Engineering: Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers, London, (Chartered Structural Engineer) RICHARD WATSON GUY (H):347-275-5616 (Cell):646-359-9809 Web Page: OBJECTIVE Structural Engineering Consultant, Advisor, Supervisor or Project Manager. I have gained extensive International Structural Engineering and Project Management. working over many years as Supervisor of construction operations. Recently I teach Construction and Home Inspection and the state pass rate of my students are exceptional. EXPERIENCE 2006 - 2008 Consultant for RAND Engineering, NY. Structural design in steel reinforced concrete, timber Supervision of multiple projects with contractors in New York City Boroughs. 2004 - 2006 WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION, New York City, NY. Project Manager, Consultant; Apartment Building Supervision and Construction. 2000 - 2004 HICKEY CONSTRUCTION, Tucson, AZ. Project Manager; commercial project in Houston TX; Supervision and Maintenance of Multiple Commercial Facilities in Houston, TX. 1990 - 2000 AMALGAMATED DESIGN GROUP, JAMAICA, W. I. Project Manager: reservoir feasibility and design, Supervise Construction Program. 1986 - 1990 TOWER CONSTRUCTION: DUBAI, U.A.E Project Manager: in charge of Equipment, Materials, Manpower (multi-national workforce) on Airport Project 1984 -1986 MOTEL 6 CORP., Los Angeles, CA Construction of 5 motels as Project Engineer. Supervisor of Maintenance of 33 motels from Canadian to Mexican borders 1980-1984 FOSTER WHEELER: LONDON. UK. Structural Engineer Designer in Steel and Concrete in Construction of Oil Refineries. EDUCATION London University, London, U. K., Degree, Structural Engineering Associate Member of Institute of Structural Engineers, London. A.M. I. Struct. E. (Chartered Structural Engineer). Web page: Hobbies: Jogging, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Lecturer Author of 3 books and several articles on Earthquakes: Earth Expansion and Bridge Failures: Receding Seas. Resumes attached.