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Life in Japanese Film: Donald Richie

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spencertp Avatar
Posted: 08.27.09, 08:16 PM
Some interesting observations that barely scratch the surface. I find it noteworthy that he entirely dismisses anime and most of the modern genre directors.
tony48 Avatar
Posted: 05.06.09, 09:17 AM
My favorite of hi comments about Ozu's famous MU symbol on his grave site. It is reported as some sort of holy ground and given great signifigance in other places and yet Ritchie says it was put there by the meddling grave diggers and not in step with Ozu. I take it in the IF YOU SEE THE BUDDAH ALONG THE ROAD KILL HIM vein. Do not get caught up in labeling or making something that is living "our memory of Ozu" something that is dead...Ozu's gravesite.
Nick Avatar
Nick + Staff
Posted: 05.01.09, 11:45 AM
HTML fail. Link again:
Nick Avatar
Nick + Staff
Posted: 05.01.09, 11:44 AM
Hirokazu Kore-Eda is an amazing director. His film 'After Life' is one of my all-time favorites. <a href="">Here's the IMDB link.</a>
SpeshialK Avatar
Posted: 05.01.09, 10:02 AM
Fascinating conversation about Kurasawa.