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Craig Schuftan: Hey! Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.15.10, 07:51 PM
A loy of condensed information, yet the history of today`s music dates back to the earlt 1900, and before that, Nietzsch SAID "LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC IS A MISTAKE" Influenced by Wagner! Music has a balance of Religion-philosophy and science, therefore without it, one has little! Thanks Foratv it`s been Fun
Frank247 Avatar
Posted: 10.04.09, 09:06 AM
I definitely agree, romanticism is not dead, and the emo genre carries it quite well through our social culture. I have always been fascinated with enlightened bands or song writers and artists as they have always given me more inspiration to stick my head into a book and find further expression in life through the lives of great historical figures.
nextprevious Avatar
Posted: 06.08.09, 02:22 PM
Wow, this is awesome. I will definitely read this guy's book.

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