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David Bollier: Viral Spiral

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manu_ Avatar
Posted: 10.23.12, 10:38 AM
What license is this video/talk? GPL? Creative Commons? or isn't this "common" at all? Can I take this and edit some slides in... and release it elsewhere?? That would be "commoning"!
Arianne Avatar
Posted: 02.22.09, 03:03 AM
Indeed PsychoticusRex, my idea exactly. David is saying a lot of interesting stuff, but it's only half a lecture without the slides. This might be handy for deaf people, but I bet that they'd love to see the pictures aswell. And it's not a matter of space either. David could have been slid to the lefthand side of the video, with ample room for the rest.
PsychoticusRex Avatar
Posted: 02.21.09, 07:07 PM
Another fine lecture, ruined by some idiot who believes an image of the speakers mouth parts moving is more important than the material being shown on the screen to which they are referring. :P

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