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Nassim Nicholas Taleb: A Crazier Future

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Bolthouse Avatar
Posted: 05.13.12, 08:08 PM
I'm curious as to why they did not show the slide Nassim showed of the Berbers who happen to be of african decent, yet they immediately showed the photo of Carl Marx.
spikemiller Avatar
spikemiller +
Posted: 03.31.11, 03:03 PM
what a very poor system they have. they make it difficult to watch these videos even after following all instructions for over forty five minutes. waste your time from now on... not mine.i can do better elsewhere.
Greg Collette Avatar
Greg Collette
Posted: 04.30.09, 11:37 PM
This article is a great follow up summary: Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world, By Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
diplodocus83 Avatar
Posted: 04.23.09, 02:09 PM
i think by 'zero-risk', he is talking about asset classes where there is at least a promise to repay your principal. CDs, GICs, Bonds.... the black swans have to be really really big to force those things into default. stocks are a different beast, which are so high-risk that things like treasuries are relatively zero-risk by comparison.
Tiger Avatar
Posted: 04.09.09, 07:57 PM
But if past events are not necessarily good predictors of future events, and he puts the maximum amount in "zero-risk securities", how does he know that they are really zero-risk? What if a default in zero-risk securities (e.g. US treasury bonds) is a black swan event?
sidecross Avatar
Posted: 03.14.09, 06:08 PM
I enjoyed his talk almost as much as the book. Nassim Nicholas Taleb has written a book that should be read by almost everyone.
yintrader Avatar
Posted: 01.31.09, 03:28 AM
Highly entertaining as well as informative , Taleb is Academia Nuts, all right!
billybahn Avatar
Posted: 05.02.08, 08:14 AM
half an hour gone trying to get latest update to Mozilla. no use. Computer not supposed to be a liability.
CO4E Avatar
Posted: 04.24.08, 09:53 AM
I like his thinking because he actually used the word complicated, rather than complex.
errix Avatar
Posted: 04.08.08, 06:34 AM
Great lecture. I'd say that the idea that should sticks out more then others is that one shouldn't be afraid of admiting of not knowing things
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