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Christopher Hitchens Debates Alister McGrath

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Previous FORAtv comments:
lb1canob2 Avatar
Posted: 08.17.08, 05:18 PM
what about peace, let's stop making weapons as a new religion.......
Horus Avatar
Posted: 06.12.08, 05:52 PM
What a great resource is! I love listening to these amazing minds and trying to keep an open mind to both sides.
hellacool75 Avatar
Posted: 06.02.08, 06:43 PM
How this was a debate? Hitchens made several clear and straight forward challenges. "I feel" is not an appropriate answer from McGrath. He avoided that debate completely. I didn't hear any clear answers. Disappointing..
nomartyrnofaith Avatar
Posted: 06.01.08, 09:36 AM
When McGrath makes his last remarks, he states that we interpret what we see around us. My response is that this is not the case for believers. With literacy and religion, no one is interpreting what they see around them, only what they are reading in black and white. They are advancing the attributes of the left brain at the great expense of the right. We are no longer using both sides of our brains to make choices about our own and others lives and we have greatly lost our understanding of our place in the world due to this kind of emaciation. Women and artistry-their worth-has been shut down for the sake of the page and an abstract, imageless male deity. There will not be a turnaround great enough for the world to grow out of religion until there is both brain equality and female equality.
jeannekhan Avatar
Posted: 05.21.08, 08:31 PM
Hitchens is peerless and correct. His assertion that man invented god in his own image jibes with what I know. This debate made clear Hitchens is on solid ground, makes sense and refutes nonsense posing as faith in his inimitable fashion which provokes thought and earns agreement
John Schlismann Avatar
John Schlismann
Posted: 04.24.08, 10:29 PM
Great debate; I recently discovered and am looking forward to viewing more like it.
smjr Avatar
Posted: 04.04.08, 11:04 PM
In any Q&A about religion versus reason that raises the question "WHY?" we need to look to science for the explanation, rather than religion. For example why do we have any obligation to each other? A rational atheist will turn to science for an answer - psychology, evolution, sociology, etc. Turning to religion to answer the question "why?" resorts to divine revelation based on ignorance and mere guesswork. Science is systematic and based on logic that can be tested, etc. Divine revelation of religion is merely a cultural belief passed on through the generations based on a non scientific attempt to discover so called truth.
Rakajj Avatar
Posted: 03.21.08, 06:33 PM
A great debate, I truly love for making all of these debates available, its great to turn one on while working around the house and just to listen to the intelligent debate from both sides. Intelligent debate is truly an art and it thrills beyond words. I personally feel that Hitchens had the upper hand through much of the debate, McGrath, while obviously an intelligent and civil person was a bit too reluctant to assert his beliefs I feel. If he had been a bit more coercive perhaps Hitchens wouldn't have been able to steer the conversation so much, as an athiest myself I'll end with a long live Christopher Hitchens.
Miken Avatar
Posted: 03.16.08, 10:58 AM
I don't believe Mr. Hitchens is a professor or a philosopher. He's a journalist.
giallopudding Avatar
Posted: 03.15.08, 12:51 PM
Professor Hitchens is the remedy for the disease of Judeo-Christian religion
Bravo to Prof. Hitchens, and his eminently sensible grandiloquence in stating the case for rationality over superstition. His place among 21st Century giants in philosophy is assured.