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Gerry Spence

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jimhyatt12345 Avatar
Posted: 07.12.10, 09:20 PM
Gerry Spence is a great man
I've never met Gerry Spence though I feel as if he and I are fast friends. He has an infectious sense of humor. Gerry and men of his profession are often derided even though they are the last line of defense for people who too frequently have no where else to turn. Naturally big corporations don't like plaintiff's lawyers. They would like us to have no recourse whatsoever. If left to their own devices we would still have company stores and chit that would only be good at the aforementioned. The Robert's court will go along way in destroying the last vestiges of democracy. So since a corporation has the right to free speech as an individual is afforded in the Bill of Rights, does this mean that a corporation may be deprived of life with due process like a human. In essence could the corporate entity be executed by a revocation of its corporate charter, thus killing it. I was in Houston, TX at a contemporary of Gerry Spence last year, a Mr. John O'Quinn. Mr. O'Quinn has since been killed in an automobile accident. He was often disparaged by other lawyers who represented big corporate interests. They were looked down on just like the downtrodden the gave their day in court to. Without these lawyers the common man would have no way to redress their grievances against the mighty corporation. I personally know of an instance where a large corporation sold tainted food that ultimately killed several people. They were sued by plaintiff's lawyers and were looking at a multimillion dollar settlement. While the partner representing these aggrieved people was out of the office ill, his partner was called by a high state official and told if he could settle this case it would open the way for him to named to the federal bench. He settled the case, screwing his partners clients. True to his word the man is now a federal judge. The partner committed suicide after suffering a stroke. This is why I cringe when I hear Republicans talk about tort reform. They would like nothing more than to kill the only recourse the little man has to have his day in court. Gerry Spence is truly a hero and a great man. He and other trial lawyers are the only reason corporations like Ford, don't make the Pinto anymore. Ford knew of the problem and chose to ignore it because it was cheaper to pay the claims rather than address the real issue, a $.50 part. I knew a sixteen year old boy that was burned to death over just this issue. I really have a hard time being objective when it comes to things like this. Some cost accountant made a decision that it would be cheaper to settle these cases rather than fix the original $.50 problem. I can only hope and pray there is a hotter place in hell for the people responsible for the horrific death of SIXTEEN year old burn victim Eddy Cherry. It is for these people that I cry in support of trial lawyers.
vsadykov Avatar
Posted: 01.07.10, 04:20 PM
I see that this video was watched by 9,307 people and nobody have left a comment,, that's not cool. So I will be first. Very informative presentation Gerry.. Keep up the good work. I like your ideas. I have read the book " How to argue and win every time " and I like it very much. It reminds me about the thoughts and ideas I had in the past but had forgot and lost theme. So thank you very much. Good luck in your work and I hope to meet you one day.

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